Dick et al. will be playing tomorrow evening at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore. Why are they playing at an art gallery? Why are they visiting (the inappropriately nick-named) Charm City? These sorts of questions are above your pay grade. You should be flogged just for thinking about having me pretend that you asked them. You're an asshole and a bitch. That's all you need to know. That and that the Six is coming. Do you feel that tingling sensation rising from your swollen prostate through your spine to the top of your head and out your third eye? Yeah, that's anticipation.

From here:

"This album is our finest hour. It is less than an hour long, but it is fine.

Now we are finished with that, we turn our attention to mall bitches. They are everywhere. They are at the Oakland Mall right now. They exist only to cause problems, to create fundamentalist chaos. A young girl is abducted by monks and goes through a candlelight ceremony known as "The Bitchening" where she is transformed by radical priestess and fundamentalist clerics into a mall bitch. She then spends the rest of the summer at the mall hating....constantly hating. Why does she hate like that?? Answer...she's a bitch now. She has gone through a radical transformation known as "The Bitchening" with robes, chanting monks, metal slab, skull, bottomless pit and ambient lighting. She will spend the entire summer at the mall....bitching. Daddy's little girl is gone forever. She is now and forever...a bitch. And she will grow up to be a radical fundamentalist bitchwoman, taking men's jobs, emasculating society from the outside in. The mall...is their hive. "