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BROOKLYN, NY, Feb. 6 -- The following can be attributed to Dick Valentine:

Right now, it's quiet in Electric Six. Right now we are huddled in our huddles trying to decide who will do something next. That sound you're hearing? That's your television. And you can bet they will hear your television in the factories in Beijing. Because we're Americans. On television. And our televisions are louder than theirs. Because ours are made of glass.

It's halftime in Electric Six. And I believe that M.I.A. is owed an apology from the NFL and from NBC. She looked great up there. She looked very very good and she is owed an apology.

It's halftime up in here. This year sees us doing things a bit differently from our normal routine. We have decided that the halfway point of our existence is now. To commemorate the first half of our existence, we are making a commemorative double-live album celebrating the best of the first half of our shit. The commemorative albums will be crafted in fine pewter.

We look to the artists in last night's Super Halftime Show as inspiration for scheduling a live event...and fucking delivering on it. I'm not gonna lie...we are nervous. We are very very nervous. We have risked everything on these live albums. And the house always loses.

Dear shit! Signed, The Author.

But the good news is, we plan to do eight more studio albums starting next year. In the meantime, look for many of us to do wonderful things this year with our peripheral projects...Belle Ghoul, Johnny Headband, Lettercamp and Evil Cowards. Maybe there's even more than that happening. Maybe updates from this band will flow more freely than normal years. You will have to wait. You have to wait

It's halftime in Electric Six. The second half is about to start. Our engines are revving. We're imported from Detroit.

Also, we're playing in Canada again next month.