Letter to HP Customer Service

Posted on December 07, 2003 by Steve

(or, making my rant live up to the billing)

Just wanted to mention that it is incredible that I have to download a 41 megabyte file in order to install a driver for this printer. 41 megabytes! The web site suggests I order a CD. All I want is the driver. I probably have the CD somewhere in the basement, but the printer stopped printing in color recently and after replacing the color cartridge I thought I would refresh the driver. 41 megabytes! Of course, after sitting through the download I was then forced to install the super duper HP Director, Image Editor, and Toolbox, none of which am I interested in using and would uninstall immediately if I were not afraid I would lose the driver and have to install that 41 MEGABYTE PACKAGE again with its interminable progress bars -- unpacking, preparing the install, installing, a lot going on in that unconscionably huge 41 megabyte file! I am sure the software is great and fun to use, it would just be nice to have a link to the driver files without the 41 megabytes of software.
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