moshe kasher > joke about Arnold Schwartzenegger > See you at the party, richter > Bad Lip Reading > Maria Bamford > Hitchens and now here I am watching this (embedding disabled - I guess Biola won't give you their jacket if you ask for it either):

at 2:52am with 1:37:andsomechange left to go.

I'm appalled that I am destroying the rest of my work week pulling an all nighter and the best the Dr Craig can field for the theism team is:
1. Cosmological argument
2. Telelogical argument
3. Moral argument
4. Resurrection of Jesus
5. Experiencing God

Really? You're stated goal is to lay out proof for theism (let's assume that the the is his the) and number 5 is "oh by the way, don't let logic and arguments for or against god get in the way of your primary experience of god". I feel like I'm spinning a bit...

But really Dr Craig is just preamble, an excuse(?), no foreplay...Hitchens is up now so I need to get down to the business of stroking it.