i'm confused about the current book list reading repository... archiving book list info here lest I forget.

"The Prague Cemetery", Umberto Eco, 404 pages, completed sometime in February(?), Imagine a 19th century Pan-European version of Foucault's Pendulum. I fear Eco may be trying to realize some sort of Kabbalistic fantasy where he just rearranges the letters of the Torah, where Torah means some book he's already written.

"Watchlist", Jeffery Deaver et al, 373 pages, completed sometime in March, Based on an idea by Deaver. It's two serial novels in one volume. Since it's a serial novel it gets a little tedious watching each subsequent author try to outdo all the previous chapters' authors in action/adventure bravado excitementness.

"Inside Microsoft.NET IL Assembler", Serge Lidin, 2012-05-02, 476 pages, I really feel like I have been inside Microsoft.NET IL Assembler. Now it burns a little when I pee.

I'm reading kinda slow this year. It was something like 60 days into 2012 before I had completed my first book.