"Atheism is a much bigger leap of faith. believing in a Nothingness and Timelessness before the creation? subatomic particles? what are their components? whats at the end of the Universe? What happened to String Teory? its disappearing because it requires mathematics we dont understand yet. Atheists believe in all those magical things without a shred of proof. Scientists have no answers. How on earth can you make these giant leaps of faith and say Theists have no proof of a creator? Atheists' beliefs require TOO much faith. Theists have the answer and until Atheists experience God, YOU are the ones who are 'not ready to be unplugged'. ive tried Atheism and found it lacking. have you tried Theism? or are you afraid to?"
Why doesn't anyone trot out this bullshit when we're talking about unicorns or Santa Claus?