Divestment: Week 10

Posted on October 22, 2008 by Steve

10/16: Trashed some doily-like placemats. They reminded me of another Feynman anecdote.

10/17: There was an opened jar of peanut butter in my desk drawer. It was that natural stuff, with the oil separated on top, and seemed to be holding up pretty well after some months of neglect, so I moved it to the office refrigerator.

10/18: Aesop's Fables left in the men's room at Ikea.

10/19: A jar of Creatine powder and some dated spices were eliminated during a top-of-the-fridge cleaning.

10/20: An iClicker sold on eBay for $10.51. Completed listings showed prices in the $20 range, but I neglected to consider that we are now in mid-semester. I also moved that peanut butter to the trash.

10/21: Left a pair of outsized mugs with saucers in the office kitchen with a note reading "free to good home."

10/22: A medley of diverse liquids, solids, and gels found under the bathroom sink. The mugs are now serving as sugar packet containers.
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