Divestment: Week 3

Posted on September 03, 2008 by Steve

8/28: "A Day in the Life of a Flight Leader" training DVD. Trashed.

8/29: Stuffed a stuffed animal into a donation bin in Tysons Corner.

8/30: Left Penn Jillette's Sock on the passenger seat of a Lexus SC430 convertible parked on M Street in Georgetown.

8/31: More basement debris trashed: one misfit window screen, a strip of drywall, and a rectangle of concrete backerboard. Except for the screen, these scraps are all backed up by other scraps of like material, which may have to be divested on a later date.

9/1: History of Istanbul touristic CD ROM. Abandoned in Murky Coffee.

9/2: Trashed forty (forty!) cassette tapes tended and stored for years. A few store-bought, mostly dubs and mixes. I had no way to play them anyway, except on the antique stereo equipment that is slated for disposal.

9/3: Left a short-sleeved H&M dress shirt in the donation bin.
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Posted by RWH | September 03, 2008 | 10:01:45

8/30 - Bold

9/2 - That's the way to rip off the scab.

Posted by Steve | September 03, 2008 | 10:34:19

9/2 was the first time I felt a pang of lost memory. But even if I ever did take the time to audit that collection, there would probably be more moments of embarrassment (Phil Collins, Santana) than genuine nostalgia.

Posted by Tony | September 03, 2008 | 11:04:13

There is no such thing as a short-sleeve dress shirt. But that's beside the point. Your divestment is inspiring, I must say. I should have divested of my cassette deck (currently boxed up in the closet) by giving it to you, then you wouldn't have had to trash those cassette tapes. Say, was Steve Gadd's solo album among them? It would be a shame if you no longer had a copy...

Posted by beowulf | September 03, 2008 | 11:52:00

All I have to add is: Ach du lieber!

Posted by Steve | September 03, 2008 | 14:58:09

On the shirt: nolo contendere. I just wanted to get credit for dumping something more than a T-shirt.

One of the tapes was "The Gadd Gang" but I have an original CD copy as well.

There's a working Akai dual cassette deck in our basement and another, a Sony, under our TV. Neither has been turned on for years, and I hope to find new homes for them soon, or leave them under a bridge somewhere. Want one?

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