Divestment: Week 11

Posted on November 05, 2008 by Steve

10/30: The November 2001 issue of Atlantic, saved on the strength of two excellent articles now available online: The Crash of EgyptAir 990 and The Curse of the Sevso Silver. That and a recent, forgettable, issue of Paste Magazine trashed.

10/31: Pitched a mismatched Schlage doorknob picked up at ReStore for fifty cents.

11/1: I can't remember what I did Saturday. I must have gotten rid of some candy.

11/2: Some square mirrors, about a foot on a side, that I found somewhere.

11/3: A length of leftover PVC pipe from a sink installation.

11/4: A spray can of "belt conditioner" that I bought hoping to quiet a squeaky alternator belt. The internet will tell you that the solution is to get proper tension in the belt and this stuff just gunks up the pulleys.

11/5: Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook, left on top of the card reader of the parking garage. The next motorist picked it up and put it back, but after a few hours it had disappeared.
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Posted by Tony | November 05, 2008 | 14:25:19

Gawd, the EgyptAir 990 article was all the way back in 2001? I remember it well. Time flies...

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