Mind Flexers 1

Posted on February 21, 2008 by Steve

These puzzles came from an old issue of Games magazine I found in the basement. The copy cites psychology professor Morgan Worthy as the inventor of the form, and he appears to be behind the 26 = L. of the A. puzzle that drove my extended family to distraction years ago (this kind of puzzle is apparently called a "ditloid").

Mind Flexers are comparatively easy but I've obfuscated a bit by merging the five sets of five into one list of 25. The object is to match items on the left to related items on the right. For example, the first one, "About face" corresponds to "Whiskers."

1.About faceA.Bicyclist
3.CookC.Bruised ego
4.Dance floorD.Bumpkin
5.DatelineE.Coast Guard
6.DozenF.Coin return
10.Now playingJ.Finished drilling
11.OzoneK.Junk food
12.Parking brakeL.Meditate
13.Pet duckM.Mount St. Helens
14.Prepares the cameraN.Munchkin
16.RagtimeP.Party platform
17.Sail byQ.Passport
18.SatanR.Past practice
19.Shower stallS.Picture frame
20.Speedy trialT.Sinking
23.Well doneW.Want to dance?
24.WithdrawingX.Went to court