Posted on June 13, 2007 by Steve

For me, music is mainly about the music, but sometimes the words make or break a song. I was going to post a groovy tune called "Map of Africa" (originally linked on but I couldn't get over the audaciously bad lyrics.

we're gonna make a map of Africa
all up in your pretty head baby
gonna find out where your delta lies
gonna know your perimeter lady

we're gonna make a map of Africa
all in your pretty bed baby
floating up between the pale green skies
tears falling like stars lady

we're gonna make a map of Africa
as I've already said baby
I'm gonna pioneer your heartlands
and speak the native tongue

*no, this was not a live recording

On the other hand, Community by Mirah and Spectratone International is minimalist musically, but has awfully clever lyrics. Maybe too clever -- the people at saidthegramophone missed the point entirely.

Young Sensualists
by Throw Me The Statue

Everybody's Got Their Own Part To Play
by Shannon Wright

Not yet deleted

Posted on June 04, 2007 by Steve

Given the 99% Rule, I hoped for one or two keepers from the 127 accumulated mp3s. So far, not immediatedly deleted were Stars, a shoegazy Ulrich Schnauss track not recommended for Enya-haters, and A Blast of Loser by someone named Lindstrøm courtesy of someplace called Lizzyville.