"Some "J-B Weld" non-believers are going to frown on this fix, but I would never hesitate to try this before buying another carburetor.

First, inspect threads in carburetor for "cleanliness" -- if dirty and full of Teflon tape or stick, pipe dope; buy a new shotgun barrel brass bore brush at Wal-Mart or similar Store, in size of .410 for a 410 shotgun.

Clean stripped carburetor threads thoroughly with brush dipped in lacquer thinner or gasoline, using circular motion, and then clean threads again with lacquer thinner or gasoline on a Q-Tip until Q-Tip becomes white, and wipe dry with Q-tip -- do not touch the stripped threads with your fingers after they are cleaned -- oil from fingers are detrimental to this repair.

(The above cleaning is the part of the work never done well by non-users and non-believers in epoxy repairs -- if epoxies wouldn't work, we wouldn't have any elderly movie stars with nice front teeth -- structural stress on teeth are far more intense than stress on a Cub carburetor gas line).

Next get some J-B Weld & mix thoroughly, two (2)equal lengths of J-B Weld, (about 1" long each), mixed with a round tooth pick on a paper plate or similar items.

Step (1): Carefully and neatly apply J-B Weld to the carburetor stripped threads with a round tooth pick, and carefully and neatly apply J-B Weld to the brass male gas line fitting such that you see two (2) smooth J-B Weld surfaces, one (1) on all of the male threads and one (1) on all of the female stripped threads. (Don't get any in the carburetor screen inside the carburetor).

Step 2: Here's first the hardest part -- "Patience" -- allow the J-B Weld to set for about one (1) hour on both threads, depending on temperature & humidity.

Step 3: Next carefully align male, brass gas line fitting in hole and screw into carburetor -- then carefully unscrew male brass fitting -- then remove all J-B Weld from male brass fitting only.

Here's the second hardest part -- "Patience" -- wait about 24 hours before trying the clean male brass fitting in the new J-B Weld carburetor threads.

When trying the next day, if fitting feels too loose, clean J-B Weld carburetor threads again with Q-tip & repeat Steps 1, 2, & 3 above."