Divestment: Week 7

Posted on October 01, 2008 by Steve

9/25: The second Panasonic stereo speaker. Left out with trash.

9/26: Three panes of glass from the basement. I would have junked them earlier, but what do you do with a three-by-five sheet of glass? Conveniently, the HOA rented a trash container and parked it on the street for the weekend, so I carried them out one by one through the rainy night and chucked them in. The first two were pretty sturdy, but naturally I handled them gingerly on the five-minute walk to the dumpster. The third one gave me a lasting admiration for safety glass. It was thinner and somewhat flexible, but I noticed a "tempered glass" etching in the corner. I've seen this kind of glass withstand some pretty forceful impacts and thought it would be tough enough to make the trip easily. But as I hefted it up over the edge of the dumpster, it exploded into a shower of tiny bits. I leapt back and looked at my hands -- no obvious damage except to a neighbor's peace of mind; he hurled a vulgar imprecation into the night at a presumed vandal. Back home, I found many glittering slivers on my forearms, but they rinsed off in the sink and I got away with just two tiny pinpricks.

9/27: Ventured into the attic and filled a box with sundries: some rotting clothes, dusty books, and random junk for the trash.

9/28: The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci, paperback, 1960. Left in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency Reston.

9/29: Trashed a pile of old paperwork from the basement archives and a long piece of plastic trim from some abandoned project.

9/30: Some junk from the back of the car. There was an empty spray bottle of glass cleaner. More of a clean-up than a divestment.

10/1: An old GMU phone book. And I started to trash an old satchel, but I got bogged down with disposing of its contents, one item at a time. Several college-era planners, batteries, and some sugar packets were among the discards.
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