Divestment: Week 4

Posted on September 10, 2008 by Steve

9/4: Conscientiously dropped an old iBook battery into the recycle box at Circuit City. While browsing Red Dot specials, was spotted by a friend working in the store. He showed me a deal on a TV wall mount, which will likely become the first item acquired on this project, but it will later allow me to divest a desk that is crowding our bedroom.

9/5: While hauling the kitchen garbage out, I spotted a jug of whey protein powder on top of the refrigerator, left by a visiting family member. It was less than half full and probably stale, so I added it to the load.

9/6: Rainy day housecleaning yielded a banner day for divestment. Two half-burned coffee-can size triple-wick candles. Dozens of shirt boxes and gift bags. A bath brush. Two fake plastic flowers in plastic vases with fake plastic water. Used wrapping paper. And more I forgot.

9/7: A half-full bag of Splenda for baking. We tried to make chocolate chip cookies with it once, and they were awful. Trashed.

9/8: Gym bag emblazoned with former employer's logo. I carried it to the mall to try and foist it upon Lost & Found, but lost my will and left it in a dumpster.

9/9: Two paperback Golden Nature Guides: Birds and Flowers. Published in 1949 and 1950, they were nice in their day but we've probably extinguished half the species by now. Tucked into a nook in a parking garage stairwell.

9/10: "Conloquium Currus" coffee mug (motto: "non impediti ratione cogitationis"). Left in a phone booth.
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Posted by Ray Smuckles | September 11, 2008 | 11:58:01

In the culo?!

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