A win for the ZPG set

Posted on November 13, 2007 by Steve

A day ago my gal did say to me a man, kin to her, had met his end, at the age of but 46. If I met him or not I can not say -- if I did it was an age ago -- but it did get me to be sad. We are all due to die one day, it is the way of the orb, but it is too bad. How can it be, to go on and on for now but at the end to be dry mud or ash?

You all of the ZPG set may not ask any one of us to die, but you do yen for us to be as few as can be, do you not? Are you not apt to nod as, one by one, we die and put an end to the ill we do to Ma Orb?

I say no, a new boy or gal is OK by me and any mom and dad who get kip and a bit to eat for a new wee one do a top job.
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Posted by beowulf | December 23, 2007 | 21:27:39

I'm not so much concerned about the evil we're doing to Mama Earth. I just want you all to get out of the left lane when I'm trying to pass.

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