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Posted on August 03, 2009 by Steve

Much like our European sedan, the "sleek Euro-styled" iBook we picked up in 2005 has proven a disappointment. The sleek looks were marred early on by a crack in the top corner of the screen housing (a common complaint, and likely the cause of the display backlight turning off sometimes). The charger, with the orange/green indicator I praised in 2007, also fell prey to a common problem -- fraying wires at the plug end (we missed the class action settlement). This is probably why the current design uses magnetically-attached charging plugs; we had to buy a replacement (aftermarket, but indistinguishable from the original). The new one arrived cracked and fell apart in days, and its warranty replacement now fits loose, sometimes sending us to battery power unawares.

The original battery put in a respectable career, but had to be replaced in March 2008. Despite paying the full $116 to Apple for a replacement, the new battery soon showed signs of early retirement.

More significantly, inopportune crashes became a regular feature. These were hard shutdowns with no warning, and we sometimes could not power back on without removing the battery first. At first I suspected a faulty solder on the main board (for which Apple was scolded in Denmark), but then I noticed overheating. The fan would not come on even when the CPU temperature rose to menacing levels. Someone cobbled together an interface to reduce the temperature threshold before fans kick in, and this seemed to help a bit, but it's still hard to convince the thing to turn on. With the unreliable battery, a flaky power supply, and fear of unprovoked shutdown lurking, the iBook has become mostly a coffee table ornament.
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Posted by RWH | August 03, 2009 | 18:19:06

Everybody lets you down, in the end.

Posted by RWH | August 03, 2009 | 18:21:10

Or it could be that you're just not devout enough.

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