DC Coast

Posted on December 21, 2007 by Steve

Just back from our anniversary dinner and thought I would offer a review of our excellent meal.

The wine was red and came in a bottle with a cork and cost half as much as all the food. For starters we shared a stuffed fried pepper ("chili relleno" apparently is not the same as "chili") and a coaster-sized mushroom cap with a fried duck egg on top. For the main dish I had tuna, which was thick and pink in the middle and covered with some yellow sauce and some kind of bean that looked like small corn all around. The lady had halibut, or maybe it was sea bass, which had some pieces of potato thrown in, and some other sauce. For dessert we had cheesecake sprinkled liberally (too liberally, if you ask me) with "masticated cherries." I'm pretty sure that's how the menu described them. That's certainly how they looked. At the end of the evening we were presented with two delectable wafers of pure minty sugar, each dipped in a bit of nicely complementing chocolate.

Oil wager

Posted on December 01, 2007 by Steve

Two years ago Dave took on my wager that Big Macs would rise in price faster than oil. One fifth of the way into the ten-year term, things are going in his favor:
OilBig MacRatio
1 Dec 2005$58.75$3.0619.2
27 Jan 2006$67.35$3.1521.4
6 Apr 2007$64.28$3.1020.7
1 Dec 2007$89.00$3.4126.1

The current Big Mac price comes from the Economist's Big Mac Index of July 2007. The price of light sweet crude is from 321energy.com.

Here's a chart showing the petroleum surge.