Wgot this

Posted on June 21, 2006 by Steve

Best of the batch -- sentimental, sappy, sweet, and somehow perfect: Wake Up in New York.

One for the Julee Cruise and Mojave 3 fans: All We Have Broken Shines.

Got stuck in my head: Headless Horseman.

An allegedly found tape: Jesus and I Go To Hell.

Paul Anka sings Smells Like Teen Spirit. Because it's there.

Latest wget picks

Posted on June 10, 2006 by Steve

Jeanne, If You're Ever in Portland is my favorite from the latest batch of wgotten mp3s, a mellow sort of Tom Waits lite.

Lucky Wind has a Tracy Chapman and the Heartbreakers sound. For a moodier, more electronic vibe, try So Often.

I also saved a remix of The Future Sound of London's Papua New Guinea even though it was only longer, and not really better, than the original.

As an example of what got left out, I present A Proposition Is, the sort of thing They Might Be Giants might come up with after reading Euclid, on an off day. The several tracks of Wittgenstein put to music were actually worse, but we have to have some decency.