Atavistic stumblebum

Posted on December 09, 2003 by Steve

I fell down yesterday. Nothing dramatic, but not graceful either -- a slip on the ice, a partial recovery, then capsize softened by knee, hip, wrist, elbow, and shoulder, resulting in me flat on my back like a helpless beetle. I cursed and rolled back to my feet, got up and laughed, wondering but not checking if anyone had witnessed my little display. I couldn't remember the last time I fell down. It's the fundamental faux pas of the entire animal kingdom, bred deep into the brain stem. Don't fall down. The others will eat you.

Letter to HP Customer Service

Posted on December 07, 2003 by Steve

(or, making my rant live up to the billing)

Just wanted to mention that it is incredible that I have to download a 41 megabyte file in order to install a driver for this printer. 41 megabytes! The web site suggests I order a CD. All I want is the driver. I probably have the CD somewhere in the basement, but the printer stopped printing in color recently and after replacing the color cartridge I thought I would refresh the driver. 41 megabytes! Of course, after sitting through the download I was then forced to install the super duper HP Director, Image Editor, and Toolbox, none of which am I interested in using and would uninstall immediately if I were not afraid I would lose the driver and have to install that 41 MEGABYTE PACKAGE again with its interminable progress bars -- unpacking, preparing the install, installing, a lot going on in that unconscionably huge 41 megabyte file! I am sure the software is great and fun to use, it would just be nice to have a link to the driver files without the 41 megabytes of software.